Impress Cord-Winder Iron

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Take a bite out of your chore list with this self-cleaning professional steam iron from Impress. The high-quality stainless steel sole-plate has a tapered tip, that makes it easy to press even the narrowest piece of fabric. Eliminate wrinkles from a variety of clothing with customizable settings for different types of fabric.
Includes: One Iron, One Water Fill Cup

Measures: 11″” x 5″” x 4.5″”

* Powerful 1200-watts for fast heating and uninterrupted steam output.
* Convenient 8-ft electric cord winds back into iron; no need to wrap or fold cord.
* Versatile spray mist, continuous steam, horizontal and vertical steam burst let you tackle the toughest or most delicate garments.
* Self cleaning. This feature helps keep steam vents clear thereby keeping deposits off your garments.

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