Technical Pro Professional DJ Multicolor LED Stage Effect Light with DMX

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Technical Pro knows how to build some of the most popular gear in today’s rapidly changing world of professional sound. They are known to provide top level amplifiers, speakers, microphones and mixers. Their technology is built to last and built to perform! The same innovative design and long lasting build was put into the LED lights.

* 9-Channel DMX512 LED Light
* Play modes: Auto Mode (built-in programs) & Sound Active Mode
* Multiple display patterns
* Static color and RGB color mixing in Master / * Slave mode via DIP Switching
* LED Bulbs: 469 (280 red, 63 green, 126 blue)
* Low power comsumption
* 60,000 hours of operation
* Beam Angle: 120 degrees
* Includes DMX Input & Output (3-pin connector) for daisy chaining
* Sound-activated sensitivity knob
* Ultra-Bright LEDs
* Solid Metal Housing
* CE & RoHS certified
* Built-in microphone
* Includes wall / ceiling mounting bracket
* Sets up in seconds
* 34 L x 34 W x 34 H
* Weight: 10
* 110v

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